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Friday, September 2, 2005

Escape from NY - New England's Dreaming

So, in spite of all economic indicators and news sources, we rented a car and drove to NH for a few days of relaxation and business. The folks at Hertz have a deal where you can either fill the gas tank up before you return it, or have them do it at a fee of $x per gallon. Normally, the fee is quite exorbitant, but when they told Steph the price right now (a little less than $3.00/gal, probably a policy that has yet to change from when gas was under $2.00 per) she immediately said "Hells, yes!" I have no doubt, given the recent and continuing unpleasantness in the gulf, that we'll be looking at a substantial savings from the $4.00 or more per gallon that's coming in the next few days.

Since I'm working the publishing thing, I'm writing a lot of the trip off - I went to the NH Secretary of State office and officially incorporated Friendlyfire Press, LLC! We're in business, son! If you're just visiting and I haven't already harrassed you about it and you haven't already, check out the website. The link is just off to the right on the little sidebar thingy. Check it out and buy a book!

I've been keeping up with the news of the rapidly developing horrorshow that is New Orleans through the traditional news sources, and through this fellow's livejournal. He's a tech guy in NO who's doing his best to keep his company's servers up and running during the disaster. He's a friggin' hardcore man, I admire the cool he's been able to keep in spite of what's happening down there, and he's been supplying news from "on the ground" as things have been happening (buildings burning seems to be the latest). Plus there's a live video feed and plenty of linked images. Check it out, and dig in your pockets (like you need me to tell you).

NH is beautiful, and I really am grateful for the amazing luxury I am allowed to live in. I count my blessings, and I hope I can send out blessings to those who are suffering so much in the south. Please God, be with them as they struggle to overcome the stupidity, venality, and short-sightedness of man, and be gentle with them as they learn lessons of their own need for growth.

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