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Sunday, April 23, 2006

And for my next trick...

Part of the reason I've been so scarce lately. I'm in this, as well as writing an original song for the show. It's the first three weekends (Thurs.-Sat.) in May. Let me know if you're gonna be there!


Stone Soup's 5th original play
The Actors Theatre Workshop
145 W. 28th Street, NYC
May 4-20, 2006

The inhabitants of Penetralia live in the secure knowledge that all business is everyone’s business. A communication system, both advanced and ancient, keeps everyone in the know. But the idyll is forever disrupted by a disturbing discovery, as a mild-mannered Professor fully realizes his mind’s potential. Stone Soup’s fifth original production explores secret-keeping, and the frightening consequences in a society that criminalizes it.

Click Here for Tickets or call 212-352-3101

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  1. i'll actually be in new york during this. sweet. =)