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Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama won in Iowa

It is interesting to note that second place John Edwards recieved 30% of the votes for a total of 716. To put that in perspective, second place Republican Mitt "I get my own planet when I die" Romney recieved 23,682. Anybody who thinks Obama's (or any even relatively progressive candidate) got it locked should rethink that.


It is a testament to my father's love of this country that no President in his lifetime has been worthy of governing it.


  1. Ah that's just the wacky Iowa Caucus rules playing tricks on your eyes. The Iowa State Democratic Party doesn't release caucus vote totals; rather they announce the number of State Delegates (not to be confused with actual Delagates) that get to vote at the party's convention.

    We don't know the actual numbers of votes for Edwards, but 239,000 people participated in the Democratic Caucus, so his 30% of the vote comes out to roughly 71,700 votes, or nearly three times as much as Romney. 115,000 people voted in the Republican Caucus, or less than half of the number who voted Democrat.

  2. Well, that's cool. I'll leave the political commentary to the grown-ups from now on....