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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Presbyterian

My parents were anabaptists, that is, they didn't believe in infant baptism. This appalls my Catholic wife, but it perfectly suits my rather anti-authoritarian nature. Who gets to authorize the ultimate disposition of my soul - me or a guy in a white collar? I say it's me, and apparently so did my folks, which is why I found myself at the age of thirteen, kneeling at the altar of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church having a little bit of blessed water dripped on my head.

I haven't been to a Presbyterian Church since the age of majority, mostly since I find them a bit dour and conservative, but I have fond memories of that particular church. In addition, religion is a bit of a hobby for me, so I'll tell you for free what I know about Presbyterians in general.

1. Bi-partisan governance - elected groups of elders and deacons make up voting bodies that guide the church.
2. An unfortunate tendency towards Calvinism.
3. Tasty!

The third refers to the other Presbyterian, my current summer drink. My recipe for one goes like this:

2 ounces bourbon or scotch (I prefer Buffalo Trace, but Jim Beam is nice. So's Maker's, if you've got it)
4 ounces ginger ale
4 ounces club soda
twist of lime

Purists will tell you that the lime makes it a Mamie Taylor, and that Presbyterians are made with a twist of lemon. Also delicious, but I think the lime works better with the ginger ale. Mamie Taylors also forgo the club soda and use the much spicier ginger beer, which makes it an entirely different drink, in my opinion. More of a Dark and Stormy with whiskey. 

Regardless, the recipe above gives you a nice summer thirst quencher, lightly sweet with a little spice and a touch of the oakey-ness of the whiskey. They drink pretty easy, so resist the urge to quaff. Enjoy!

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